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Andy Murray's 'life changing' hip surgery has left him pain free

Can Covid-19 Cause or Make My Knee and hip pain worse?

Every week I am asked by patients if their long-term knee and hip pain can be caused by the COVID-19 virus. In the past it has been thought that this type of virus has never had those capabilities.

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6 Ways to Save Your Knees

If you've walked, jogged and hiked this far without any major knee trouble, there's more you can do than thank your lucky stars. A few basic steps can help you protect your knees as you age.

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What to Know About Hip and Knee Replacements

For months, Beverly Keel, 53, was able to ignore the pain at the top of her right leg that felt like a pulled groin muscle. But when she was sightseeing in France, in June of 2018, it went from bad to nail-biting.

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