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I have had several patient with complex hip issues which I have referred to Dr Meldrum. His ability to diagnose clinically and then order the correct tests to confirm his diagnosis is excellent. He does the most complex orthopedic cases and many of them are redos from prior failed surgeries. I am lucky to have such a great surgeon to refer all of my orthopedic cases. Just recently I sent a patient with a complex hip issue a soccer player who couldn't kick the ball with his left leg. He is now out playing again. Thanks to Dr. Meldrum

I highly recommend Dr. Russell Meldrum. Seven years ago I needed hip replacements. I had a complicated case and I couldn't find a surgeon willing to attempt the surgeries. I was referred to Dr. Meldrum who took my case enthusiastically. He presented the options and explained the risks clearly. The replacements and a follow-up surgery were complete successes. I have been pain free for six years and am doing things I wasn't able to do for decades, including hiking, swimming, kayaking. His manner is friendly and professional. Post-op questions that occurred the months following the surgeries were answered almost immediately. Dr. Meldrum is a gifted surgeon and I could not be more pleased with the care he gave me.

Dr. Meldrum was courteous and forthcoming about my hip surgery. I had total trust in him.

I first went to Dr. Meldrum in 2001. He did two hip replacements and one revision for me. He told me exactly what was going to be done. He took awesome care of me. After my surgery, he called to check on me. I was very sad when I found out he would no longer be my surgeon.

Dr Meldrum is one of the kindest Dr. I know. He would personally check on me because I had such a hard time. I wold not hesitate to call him again.

I became a patient of Dr. Meldrum in 2001 after I fell and broke my femur in half. Because of my pre-existing condition there were complications during my surgery. After my operation Dr. Meldrum made sure I was taken care of checking on me frequently and personally addressing issues with the nurses of their mistakes and oversights. I was under workman's comp. at the time. Dr. Meldrum was not a workman's comp. doctor so the insurance company sent me to another doctor that they had a contract with. The doctor they sent me to admitted he couldn't handle my medical case. He thought Dr. Meldrum was more suitable to handle my case so he sent me back to see Dr. Meldrum. I have severe scoliosis that creates complications and challenges for doctors to treat me. Dr. Meldrum never turned away from these challenges. He always gave me the best care. When he sees a procedure that isn't in my best interest he ALWAYS takes the time to explain the probability of the risk versus the success. He guides me in my decisions keeping in mind the complications that may occur and compromise my life. Dr. Meldrum is one of my most trusted doctors. I trust his advice, recommendations, and opinion.

I trust him with my surgery and didn't have issues

Dr Meldrum did bi lateral knee replacement in 2004, After rehab he had to revise one because my leg was broken, the other had infection and he did surgery on it to clean it out. In 2008 he revised the knee that had the infection because it simply wore out. If I had to do all of this again, I would have Dr Meldrum do it. He was the most professional, nice, and caring Doctor I have been to. He spent all of the time that I needed in each visit to talk and suggested things that could help me further. I have felt better since the surgery than I did before, because of him.

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