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    Comments: I became a patient of Dr. Meldrum in 2001 after I fell and broke my femur in half. Because of my pre-existing condition there were complications during my surgery. After my operation Dr. Meldrum made sure I was taken care of checking on me frequently and personally addressing issues with the nurses of their mistakes and oversights. I was under workman's comp. at the time. Dr. Meldrum was not a workman's comp. doctor so the insurance company sent me to another doctor that they had a contract with. The doctor they sent me to admitted he couldn't handle my medical case. He thought Dr. Meldrum was more suitable to handle my case so he sent me back to see Dr. Meldrum. I have severe scoliosis that creates complications and challenges for doctors to treat me. Dr. Meldrum never turned away from these challenges. He always gave me the best care. When he sees a procedure that isn't in my best interest he ALWAYS takes the time to explain the probability of the risk versus the success. He guides me in my decisions keeping in mind the complications that may occur and compromise my life. Dr. Meldrum is one of my most trusted doctors. I trust his advice, recommendations, and opinion.